Getting Inspired With Tattoos

Now that a long vacation is coming up. It is now up to you to spend it somewhere. Are you on the verge of deciding which place to go? Winter has come and your skin may be itching to feel the heat of the sun. As most avid travelers do, we must experience and acquire something memorable and exotic.

Rising Trend in Asia

If you wanted to get fresh air, summer heat, and exciting travel sites, your travel adviser should be bringing you to Southeast Asian countries to complete your bucket list. While most travelers collect travel souvenirs like mugs, shirts, figurines, ref magnets and so much more before the trip ends, there is something in the tropical islands of Philippines where tourists flock to get a traditional tattoo in a tradition that runs through thousand-years.

Tatoo Art


One of the surest head turners especially when in the beach are tattoos on people’s skin that tells a ton about the person wearing it. It’s a kind of art where size doesn’t matter; where it is totally your choice; a reflection of your life and style.

A Famed Tattoo Artist

Whang-od Oggay is a 100-year female old tattoo artist from Tinglayan, Kalinga, Philippines. Her fame is not really the reason why tourists choose to travel this far to get inked, but her exotic traditional art of tattooing.  She is known and described to be the last and oldest mambabatok, as the locals call her.

Unlike the usual tattoo artist where you get to choose from a range of pre-designed arts, Apo Whang-od will ask you about your life. You can tell her everything, your profession, your likes, dislikes, your status and the rest will be an unbelievable piece of exotic art display of yourself.  Her creation is usually made from natural sources of inspiration like ferns, waves, trees to name a few. She accompanies this with basic geometric shapes.  After a couple of minutes or perhaps hours, a masterpiece from the story of your life is already printed on your skin.

Her fame had spread so much worldwide that getting a tattoo from her is deemed an honor.  At least that is how most of her customers describe the experience. Three dots is Apo Wang-od’s art signature. This is something now recognizable to every tattoo artist or tattoo enthusiast.

Rationale of tattoos

One may wonder what is it with tattoos that make some go to the extent of covering their entire body with ink. A common reason for those who get addicted to this art apart from the sheer expression of their life story is the kind of pain that they want to feel.

What is Whatek?

Whatek is Kalinga’s traditional tattoo is done through the use of natural materials. A mixture of water and charcoal is used as ink and taped to the skin through a citrus thorn. This traditional art is more painful compared to the usual tattoo art nowadays. But as most people believe, no pain, no gain.

Her tattooing, for some, is simply an art, but for me, it is a marker of a rich culture which is about to fade. Apo Wang-od is already very advanced in age and every year, more and more tourists come to get a piece of her art. Her legacy will soon fade since she doesn’t have an offspring for her to pass on, although she’s been training her niece hoping to keep the tradition alive.

This could be one of the reasons why her art is so precious because it is a legacy that is about to pass. But one thing for sure, her art has already impacted many artisans and enthusiasts alike who get inspiration in the way they make their logos, artwork and designs.

Logos Aren’t Important, Are They?

Everywhere, we can see visual representation and images we commonly know as a logo. Originally from the Greek word logos meaning the ‘word,’ logos are usually words or symbols that reflect the heart of a company. And by that we mean, its purpose, people, and values. One might consider logo as mere letters or images, but the meaning behind every logo is surprisingly profound in many cases.

Why is a Logo important in the business?

The logo does not come out naturally as one likes it to be. The logo serves as your business iconic identity not just in the realm of design but in the general business sense, especially in marketing. It serves as your company’s ambassador in a way.

Logos companies

In a split of a glance, a well-thought logo could portray your business values and vision to other businesses and consumers while a logo created without careful thought can easily pull your business down.

Important things to keep in mind when making a logo.

In the business world, business monopoly is becoming more and more difficult to do. This puts the idea of making a logo for a business quiet even more important and powerful. As much as you want to have the best visual representation of your business, it might somehow appear to be quiet similar to other existing businesses which is a big risk in marketing.

This issue is common especially on well-known brands which result in “trademark dilution”. In rare cases, people could end up behind bars for trademark infringement.  Whether some commit such mistake out of pure innocence or do it on purpose to lure customers, trademark infringement is a serious crime that will lead you and your business in jeopardy.

Making and protecting your logo.

Deciding a logo for your business should be well thought. It must be something that speaks more than just being a unique and catchy image; it is a visual representation that plays inside the viewer’s mind and generates curiosity and portrayal of your business in the society. Apart from this, a careful consideration that your logo is an effective icon for your business and free from legal cases is necessary. Images or symbols that do not directly or specifically link to your business should be rejected or at least reviewed over and over again.

To help you protect your logo as well, it is very important to have it patented in the Patent and Trademark Office. Here, you will be confident that your logo is unique and protected from business freebooters and counterfeiters. It will help you think of a better representation of your business. It might result in additional processing costs but the rewards are priceless.

Having a logo for your business is not easy. Just like how one is assessed through your signature, the logo serves as the company’s signature. A simple mistake or misuse can drag the entire name down. A logo is not just an image but more of a mark of your existence that could turn your business upside down if not given careful thought and attention.

If needed, you can outsource such critical task to companies offering such services. Outsourcing is not only limited to backend processes such as what we excellently with Redfynn Technologies for our online payment processing but even in sales and marketing. All it takes is an ounce of patience and a drop of humility to recognize such need.

Done by the Sun

In the world of art, one of the hindrances of artists in creating a masterpiece is the expensive materials used to get the right output. This drives the artist to be resourceful and to create a different kind of masterpiece from their ingenuity and creativity.

Sun Painting

A certain art was developed using the rays of the sun and a magnifying lens to create a masterpiece. When the sunlight passes through a magnifying lens, it becomes super-hot enough to burn paper and wood. Burning a paper using a magnifying lens is common especially for the grade schoolers and we know how hard it is to wait for enough sunlight to focus and burn the paper. Broken bottles or glasses which are thrown and left lying on the forest floor being exposed to sunlight could result in a disaster like forest fires.

This kind of art was embraced by an award-winning Filipino artist Jordan Mang-osan. While the paper takes a while to get burned by a magnifying lens, burning a wood is much more tiresome and needs extra patience. One needs to stay under the heat of the sun for a long period of time while the masterpiece slowly comes into completion. This art requires a tremendous amount of patience, dedication, and passion which the artist pours out in every millimeter of wood being burned. The depth of burn varies to get the correct shade which requires skill and talent to get it done perfectly. In this art, there is no room for mistake.

Jordan Mang-osan is an artist inspired by the native tribes of Philippine’s Mountain Region of Cordillera. Its rich culture, history, and environment deeply moved Jordan Mang-osan which is also a native of the region to use the Igorot ingenuity as his inspiration on his masterpieces.


Other than a pencil Jordan used to sign his artwork, the rest of the materials he used are totally ecological or ergonomic. To complete a single output, one has to count several months. The artist depends on the exposure of the sun to burn the wood at a faster rate. Thus, rainy days usually a problem for Jordan. But, satisfaction will not be enjoyed to its fullest when it is done without effort; it must be through sacrifice, wisdom, patience, and understanding that one could say he finished it wholeheartedly.

Duterte painting

sun-painting the Philippine president

Now, laser printers are readily available in the market to engrave images using a laser to burn the wood. This is the same concept of Jordan and is now very popular in the market world.  This innovation also provides an outstanding and accurate result as the laser printer slowly burns the details in the wood. But, in spite of this precise technology, it can never surpass the dedication and hard work that was done under the sun —  driven by passion and love of nature and the arts.

Top 5 Websites for Your Art-Tees-try

Artistic Tee-signs

One trend that never goes out of fashion is our ever favorite tees. Apart from comfort, T-shirts are very versatile with regards to our style preferences, thus, making it the most manageable daily get-up.

Tshirt design

It’s time to unleash your creativity and get ready to make your fashion ideas into visual reality. To make your fashion world more dynamic, here are must-check websites that allow you to create your own personalized printed shirts befitting your style. Who knows, these websites could be your doorway of discovery to the world of design and fashion?

1. Print All Over Me

To begin with, let’s start with Print All Over Me.  This website provides a cyberworld for fashion enthusiasts, designers, online shoppers, online writers and one-time visitors who chanced upon some preferred design among the millions of designs submitted by members. This platform also provides the DIY creators to gain credit for their artwork and get compensation.

2. Spreadsheet/The T-shirt Mill/Threadless

There are also other websites offering the same service such as Spreadsheet. It is like an open store where you can hang your printable design, wait for someone to notice your work and make money. For those who are not particular about intricate designs, you can check out Whooptee. It offers the most convenient way to get your desired tee design through simple upload of your masterpiece. And, thereby, allowing the website to provide the customized design with your artwork. More websites offer pretty much the same goal such as The T-shirt Mill and Threadless.

3. Constrvct

Well, the internet is undeniably an awesome technology, redefining fashion thru design tools like Constrvct. Just like what technology aims to do, Constrvct removes the hustles and inconvenience in the design process by making a 3D tool that enables its users to construct designs in a very exciting way. A simple upload of your printable artwork and you can work all the way down to the tee match to complete an outfit of the day.

4. Jakprints

The following website, however, was born out of necessity. It is called the Jakprints. It is composed of two brilliant minds who managed to pave its way to success by the infusing graphic design and shirt printing business. An overall shirt sublimation and custom tags are some of the must-sees in this site.

5. Apliiq

Obviously, there are now lots of websites that offer online users custom designs for tee prints. But Apliiq believes that apart from the artwork and scribbles, the fabric and patterns of your tee will make your artwork more personal. Thus, this site offers a unique advantage as they provide customized patches, handcrafted, carefully hand-cut and hand-stitched to your chosen fabric. Nothing beats the work of our hands literally!

6. Snaptee

And the last but probably not the least is the Snaptee. The goal is pretty much similar to the rest of the sites mentioned earlier. What makes it outstanding to online users is that you can actually do your tee design through your phone. You heard it right, wherever you are, it is now easier to transfer your random ideas to reality. Before, what usually pops into your head goes away easily with the wind. Without a doubt, this is an awesome way to keep your artistic mind busy.

Are you an artist perhaps in some other way and want to give a shot online? Again, drop by the above awesome sites and see for yourself how far your imagination can take you in the awesomely vast world of print designs and artworks in general.

Do-It-Yourself (DIY) Shirt Designing

Are you a picky person and want to do most of the things on your own to fit your style? Or a naturally-born designer with designs in your mind that actually go trending but are being utilized elsewhere without compensation?
Well, there seems to be a lot of ways to unleash your creativity in the fashion industry these days. There are online websites that allow you to create very own printed style on your tees but only a number of these offer you an opportunity to be properly compensated and acknowledged.

Printed shirt

The advent of DIY in shirt designs…

Not until the do-it-yourself shirt printing comes in the limelight to this industry. Commonly known as DIY Prints, these websites allow you to unleash your artistic skill in printing designs. They provide you with a wide opportunity to discover your inner creativity and a chance to earn as well. With the use of internet technology, you can access their platform for free you and upload your unique and awesome designs. This way, others can view your output and get profit for every online purchase from interested customers. A win-win situation for you as the designer, a boost for the website and a unique, impressive design perfect for the customer. Need anyone for anything more?

The online artwork you created can be purchased online on the website and credit transfer is made to the artist. All printable designs uniquely made by subscribers can be used on any type of clothing as long as there is that specified type of fabric available. Designs are unique just as the artist is unique on his own, depending on the artist’s inspiration, millions of designs are sure more than enough for you to find the perfect printable design for your shirt.

How are artists protected?

We all know that the internet is a vast cyber-jungle where copyrights, patents and ownerships are often neglected. With some of these websites, the artists will no longer worry about their artwork being pirated or stolen by netizens. These websites facilitate the creative work with integrity and specific safeguards. That said, they still allow the free flowing of ideas and socialization while propagating the purpose of the online market which is to be an avenue for artisans to flourish and be acknowledged on a global scale.